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  • $5,000.00 $2,700.00

    Deluxe Kit

    ? Now get Opm Deluxe Microblading Machine and life access to our Online Microblading training
    ✍We will teach you the following:
    The inside out of the microblading permanent makeup business
    ➡ How to upsell your existing clients
    ➡ How you will be earning $500/procedure
    ➡ How to choose the right client
    ➡ Consultation
    ➡ Color Theory
    ➡ Tools and Equipment
    ➡ How to do eyebrows, eyelines and lips
    ➡ Step by step instructions on microblading patterns
    ➡ We will show you how to work with ombre with the machine
    ➡ The art of permanent makeup on paper and practice skin for eyebrows
    ➡ How to perfect your pressure to prevent deep cuts and scarring
    ➡ Design & shape of the eyebrows
    ➡ Stretching Technique
    ?This offer comes with
    ➡ OPm Deluxe Microblading Machine
    ➡ 10 Organic Pigments ( Brows-lips and Eyeliner)
    ✍ 12 Weeks of online training ( Eyebrow,Lips and Eyeliner)
    ➡Skin and blades to practice.
  • $500.00

    Hand Piece

    HAND PIECE CHARACTERISTICS: State-of-the-art technology assures perfect pigment implantation and consistently professional results. Featuring needle-depth adjustment, rapid needle change and quick and easy needle disposal, the hand piece is constructed from die cast aluminum making it lightweight and easy to clean.

    It’s engineered to house disposable needle cartridges, which have an integrated membrane preventing backflow of body fluids and airborne contaminants entering the hand piece – eliminating the possibility of cross-contamination.

    1 year warranty shipping not included


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