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  • $500.00

    Hand Piece

    HAND PIECE CHARACTERISTICS: State-of-the-art technology assures perfect pigment implantation and consistently professional results. Featuring needle-depth adjustment, rapid needle change and quick and easy needle disposal, the hand piece is constructed from die cast aluminum making it lightweight and easy to clean.

    It’s engineered to house disposable needle cartridges, which have an integrated membrane preventing backflow of body fluids and airborne contaminants entering the hand piece – eliminating the possibility of cross-contamination.

    1 year warranty shipping not included

  • $2,700.00

    OPM® Machine

    Complete OPM Machine:

    • OPM Machine
    • OPM Hand Piece

    OPM Needles: (5 of each)

    • 1R, 3RL & 4F

    MACHINE PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICS: USA design and equipped with microprocessor magnetic technology the OPM device produces high-quality professional results for permanent makeup, scalp aesthetic, and medical micro-pigmentation procedures.Maximum power, accurate stable needle frequency and adjustable working speeds of 50 – 280  per second, ensure faster procedure times. Eradication of problematic needle less vibration achieves a precise pigment implantation and maximum pigment retention with minimal to no trauma to the skin.

    Designed to form a cross-contamination protection system the hand piece and needle cartridge system combine to guarantee the highest levels of hygienic safety.Compact and lightweight it’s easy to transport making it suitable for professionals who offer mobile services to other clinics. An ergonomic design allows for fast efficient cleaning.CE marked and certified under ISO 9001 the conforms to EU directives. concerning health and safety.The foot pedal and electrical adaptor, can be used with or without its foot pedal.

    1 year warranty shipping not included


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