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    OPM® Permanent Makeup Eraser – 15ml per bottle ( Eraser Class required )

    (Eraser Class Required in order to know how to use it )

    OPM® Permanent Makeup Eraser     

    • Sanitize the area that needs to be erased.
    • Apply cream with Q-tip for 10 – 15 mins
    • Wipe off OPM numbing cream
    • Scratch the skin with a dry needle #3
    • Slight bleeding will show right depth in the skin.
    • Go over the unwanted, old pigment with your needle #3 that contains OPM eraser.
    • Wipe off the eraser once the skin blanches.
    • 2 – 3 passes are advised. More passes required on very old, dark, and deep permanent makeup.
    • 15ml per bottle

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